August 20 Fishing Report

August 20, 2012

The weather is finally changing. The last two nights have been in the forties and this should bring down the water temps in the rivers.  The water temp in the Kennebago was around 60 this morning and the flow is up a little,I would expect the fish to become more active if the weather stays cool.  All the rivers and small ponds should perk up in the week to follow but more rain will always help.  The Magalloway has water temps from 60 to 68 and is still fishing o.k. but the fish are not as active as earlier in the season.  The big lakes continue to fish good if you can get down to the fish at 40 feet or deeper.  In the early morning when it is cool they will be up top and active.  Rangeley lake  water temp is still 74 degrees on the surface.  Start thinking ahead to Sept. fishing,it will be here before you know it.  As the water temps get down into the 50’s and the fall rains come you can have some of the best fishing of the season.  The brook trout take on their spawning colors and new ” fresh ” salmon run up the rivers from the lakes.  Small ponds turn over and the fish are now seeking the warmer water that is on the surface of the pond.  Brookies make the spawning run before the salmon and do not feed much as they settle in the the pools.  Fall is the time to fish attractor patterns,flies that are brightly colored,reds,oranges and olives.  Midges are an important insect in the fall both on top and sub-surface.  Leeches and terrestrials are also important in the fall as hatches are gone and fish can’t be as selective as they are in the summer.

Magalloway is running high water for the next two week-ends so check the flow line

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