Sept. 5 fishing report

September 6, 2012

What a difference a day makes.  Yesterday the area rivers were as low as they can get.  This afternoon, when I checked the Kennebago, it had risen two feet since yesterday and was a cool 60 degrees.  The Rangeley River was running high with a water temperature of 68 degrees.  The old Kennebago guide, Skeet Davenport’s rule was that brookies wouldn’t be up to Steep Bank until September 9 every fall.  I also heard that the upper Magalloway was running high this afternoon.  This latest rain should bring new fish into all the area rivers as it settles down in the next day or two.  A good way to catch fresh fish is with streamers,as they are very aggresive when they first run up the rivers.  The Magallaway is still warm with water temps in the mid to high 60’s but alot of fish in the usaul places.  Once the fish settle into the pools they get more and more picky as time goes on.  Midges are an important food for salmon in the fall, if you want to know more about them check out my Sept. newsletter at As the area small ponds cool down the fishing will improve as the fish move the surface to feed.  A quite fall day in a canoe fishing for brookies can’t be beat in my book.  If you have any questions feel free to call us at the shop.

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